Experience perfection with Precise Levelling System’s tile spacers. Expertly engineered from high-quality materials, our tile spacers ensure a flawless, clean break every time.

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What size tile spacers does Precise Levelling Systems offer?

Available in a variety of sizes (1mm-3mm), these robust spacers eliminate lippage, ensuring a flawless finish on both walls and floors.

With our tool-free, one-hand tightening feature, you will experience unparalleled convenience and speed.

Which tile spacers are best for me?

Choosing the right tile spacer can make all the difference in your tiling project. Let’s break it down:

1. For Floors

Consider our standard Tile Levelling Clips (available in 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, and 3mm sizes). They are a perfect fit for tiles with a thickness between 3-12mm. These clips hold tiles level and eliminate lippage on uneven floors, ensuring a flawless finish.

2. For Walls

Our Spin King Tile Levelling Clips and Spin King Crowns are your best bet. These tool-free systems can be tightened with one hand, making them ideal for wall installations. Available in 1mm and 1.5mm sizes, they ensure consistent grout lines and a professional finish.

3. For Stone or Thick Tiles

Our Stone Levelling Clips (available in 1mm and 1.5mm sizes) are perfect for tiles with a thickness between 11-20mm or 23-30mm. They are designed to hold tiles level and eliminate lippage, even on uneven floors.

4. For Last-Minute Adjustments

Our Tile Levelling Screw System is your best ally for any unforeseen circumstances. It is particularly ideal to substitute a broken levelling clip, saving you from the unnecessary hassle of lifting the tile.

5. For Perfect Corners

Our Reusable Corner Brackets provide a square edge on the inner and outer corners, enhancing the overall finish of your tiling project.

Do I really need tile spacers?

Absolutely! Tile spacers ensure consistent grout lines and eliminate lippage for a professional finish. They save you time, reduce waste, and guarantee accuracy in every project.

For a seamless, high-quality tiling experience, tile spacers are not just recommended – they are essential.

Where can I buy Precise Levelling Systems tile spacers?

Visit Precise Levelling Systems stockists to find our top-quality tile spacers near you. Our precision-engineered products guarantee excellence and reliability in every project.

Don’t settle your customers for less – partner with Precise Levelling Systems today!