Reusable Spin King Crown

$340.00 RRP

  • No tools are required for installation
  • Maintaining a consistent grout line
  • Low effort required
  • Suitable for walls as well as floors
  • To be used in conjunction with the Precise Levelling Systems Spin King Clips (sold separately)
  • Box Size: 1100 Crowns (22 x 50 pce)
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By making use of centripetal force in conjunction with its auto-rotation mechanism, Precise Levelling Systems Spin King offers accelerated tile installation. The Precise Levelling Systems Spin King Crowns can be tightened down easily with 1 hand, which is especially useful when installing large format tiles.


How many Reusable Spin King Crowns do I need for my project?

The quantity you require depends on the tile size you’re using. Refer to the chart above to calculate the number of crowns you’ll need per square meter.

Are the Spin King Crowns suitable for both walls and floors?

Yes, the Spin King Crowns are versatile and can be used for levelling tiles on both walls and floors, providing reliable results every time.

Do I need any special tools for the Spin King Crowns installation?

Absolutely not! The Spin King Crowns are designed for easy, low-effort installation, requiring no additional tools.

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