Achieve precision and professionalism in your tiling projects with Precise Levelling System’s 3mm Tile Spacers, expertly designed to maintain consistent grout lines and eliminate lippage on uneven surfaces.

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How many 3mm tile spacers will I need?

Determining the number of 3mm tile spacers you will need depends on the size of your tiling project.

  • For a small kitchen backsplash of around 1 square metre using 120x120mm tiles, you’ll typically require approximately 100-120 spacers.
  • For larger spaces like a living room that is about 30 square metres with 600x1200mm stone tiles, you might need around 70-100 spacers.
  • For a standard bathroom project, which typically measures around 4 square metres using 300x600mm tiles, you’d require approximately 40-60 spacers.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to have some extra on hand in case of any adjustments or mishaps during the process.

Use the chart to calculate how many spacers are required.

Lippage System Chart

Where can I buy 3mm tile spacers from Precise Levelling Systems?

Looking to stock superior tiling tools? Visit our website to find Precise Levelling Systems tile spacers near you. Ensure your customers enjoy professional and efficient tiling outcomes with our reliable, high-quality products.



Can I use 3mm tile spacers for floor tiles?

Absolutely. Our 3mm tile spacers are perfect for floor tiles, ensuring uniform grout lines and a professional finish. They’re durable and designed to withstand the weight of heavy tiles without compromising on precision.

Can I use 3mm tile spacers for wall tiles?

Yes, indeed. The 3mm tile spacers work equally well on walls, guaranteeing evenly spaced tiles and smooth finishes. Their robust construction ensures they stay in place, providing reliable support during your tiling project.