Precise Levelling System’s 2mm Tile Spacers are your go-to for perfect tile alignment. Suitable for tiles 3-12mm thick, they ensure a level, lippage-free finish on uneven floors and walls, improving efficiency for a professional result every time.

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How many 2mm tile spacers will I need?

The number of 2mm tile spacers you need depends on the size of your tiling project.

  • For instance, a typical bathroom of about 9 square metres with 300x600mm tiles may require approximately 65-80 spacers.
  • While a larger area like a kitchen or living room of around 15 square metres using 400x400mm tiles may need up to 130-150 spacers.

These estimates can vary based on tile size and layout. We highly recommend having extra spacers on hand for any unforeseen circumstances during installation.

Use the chart to calculate how many spacers are required.

Lippage System Chart

Where can I buy 2mm tile spacers from Precise Levelling Systems?

Boost your store’s inventory with Precise Levelling Systems tile spacers, a top choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Find stockists near you here and provide customers with superior, reliable tiling tools today!


Can I use 2mm tile spacers for floor tiles?

Absolutely! Our 2mm tile spacers are ideal for floor tiles, delivering a precise, flat finish every time. They significantly improve your tiling efficiency, ensuring an immaculately aligned floor.

Can I use 2mm tile spacers for wall tiles?

Indeed, you can. These spacers are excellent for wall tiles, providing perfect alignment and the professional finish you desire.