Discover the unmatched precision of our 1.5mm tile spacers from Precise Levelling System, ensuring impeccable alignment and no lippage for tiles ranging 3-12mm thick.

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How many 1.5mm tile spacers will I need?

The number of 1.5mm tile spacers you will need depends largely on the size of your tiling project.

  • For instance, for a small bathroom floor of around 4 square metres, you might require approximately 40 spacers if you are using medium-sized tiles (400x400mm).
  • If you are tackling a larger project, such as a 20-square-metre kitchen floor with larger tiles (600x600mm), you might find that you need around 80 spacers.

It is always a good idea to purchase a few extra than you estimate, just to be on the safe side.

Use the chart to calculate how many spacers are required.

Lippage System Chart

Where can I buy 1.5mm tile spacers from Precise Levelling Systems?

Looking to stock superior tiling tools? Find Precise Levelling Systems’ tile spacers at trusted retailers across Australia. Visit this link to locate a stockist near you and enhance your store’s offerings with our reliable, precision-engineered products.


Can I use 1.5mm tile spacers for floor tiles?

Absolutely! Our 1.5mm tile spacers are perfect for both floor and wall tiles, ensuring uniformity and precision in any tiling project. They are robust and reliable, designed to withstand heavy-duty use.

Can I use 1.5mm tile spacers for wall tiles?

Indeed, you can. Our 1.5mm tile spacers are versatile and ideal for wall tiling. They provide accurate spacing, ensuring a professional finish.