Suitable for tiles with a thickness between 3-12mm and made from high-quality plastics, these spacers promise a clean break every time, making your tiling project easier and more professional-looking.

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How many 1mm tile spacers will I need?

The number of 1mm tile spacers you’ll need largely depends on the size of your project.

  • For instance, for a standard-sized kitchen splashback of about 2.8 square meters with 120x120mm tiles, you’d likely need around 240-250 spacers.
  • A larger project, like tiling a living room floor of approximately 18.6 square meters with 600x600mm ceramic tiles, might require around 70-80 spacers.
  • In a medium-sized bathroom of roughly 4.6 square meters using 400x400mm porcelain tiles, expect to use about 40-50 spacers.

These are just estimates – the actual amount may vary based on the specifics of your project. Having around 10% extra on hand is always a good idea, just in case.

Use the chart to calculate how many spacers are required.

Lippage System Chart

Where can I buy 1mm tile spacers from Precise Levelling Systems?

Looking to stock the superior Precise Levelling Systems tile spacers? Visit our website to find trusted retailers near you.

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Can I use 1mm tile spacers for floor tiles?

Yes, you can use 1mm tile spacers for floor tiles. They provide uniform grout lines, ensuring a sleek, professional finish.

Can I use 1mm tile spacers for wall tiles?

Yes, our 1mm spacers are perfect for wall tiles, too. They ensure consistent alignment, giving your walls a smooth and perfect finish.